About Us

Suhanah Pohlmann was born and raised in Singaraja. Bruce Pohlmann moved to Singaraja in 1990 and has lived in Kampung Bugis since 1991. She has a small warung in Kampung Bugis where she sells fruits, vegetables, spices and a variety of other household items. He is a retired teacher and administrator. They have four children in Bali and two grandchildren.

Bruce and Suhanah lived in Papua for nine years. During that time, they collected many pieces of Asmat art along with tools and weapons from the Amungme and Illagan tribes that lived in the area of the mining community where they lived.

Suhanah's warung is easy to find if you are interested in looking at the sale items listed on this website. You can click on the map to see a larger version of it. If you are using an app to navigate while you are in Bali, you can look for Kampung Bugis, Singaraja, Bali, or you can look for Jalan Rambutan, Singaraja, Bali. We have the tall house in the kampung. The warung is just behind that house on the little seaside road.














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