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Strange days and they get stranger everyday. So, this isn't a typical cyberbali site. Nothing about the tropics here, not much anthropology, unless you consider this political anthropology, but this is about education so that, I guess, is a classic cyberbali site from way back in the early 1990s. What this is, then, is a response, my response, to what I see as some disturbing events over the past few months. A nasty, bitter election campaign, a surprise election victory by what is likely the least qualified major party candidate ever to run for the President of the United States of America.

It looks like dark days ahead for the disadvantaged, the sexual and ethnic minorities, the followers of religions other than Christianity, women, and even the much written about white working class (and just what is the white working class anyway?). I'd like to think otherwise and just get on with life here in the tropics and let things muddle on as they do in the US, but these times don't bode well for just about everyone except for those famous one percenters.

If I was back in the States, I'd be out in the streets demonstrating and organizing along with some old comrades and certainly some new ones. But, I'm not about to move back now at my age, so this is my response, my protest, my small voice saying no, no dismantling the programs that exist to help those that need them the most, no attacks on Social Security and Medicare and health insurance, no rollback on Roe vs. Wade, no tax cuts for the wealthiest. But it's a time not just to resist, but also to talk about those programs that we need - universal health care, job training for the folks pushed out of their jobs by technology or capital flight, real educational reform led by teachers not politicans or business people, a liveable minimum wage and that's just a few for starters.

So this site is an education and information site. There are just too many folks who seem to have forgotten what our government is about and how it works and how it should work. So there will be that here and information on what's going on in the government because we've already seen what's happening with Trump's cabinet picks and, of course, there's North Carolina.

It will take a little time to get all of my plans for this site online, but I've got a start here with the Bill of Rights, the Amendments, the Constitution and the Supreme Court (with a Justice Roberts bio on that page) sections partly finished and online. So keep stopping by if you want some civics and some information. Because that's what you'll find here.

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‏@realDonaldTrump 13 hours ago I have not heard any of the pundits or commentators discussing the fact that I spent FAR LESS MONEY on the win than Hillary on the loss!

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