The Cultures of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

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Another change to my old cyberbali site. Strange times over the past few weeks with illnesses and deaths have led me to get a focus on what I want to do in my time remaining (not that I'm expecting or hoping to go too soon). Writing about politics in the United States just seemed futile and was intensely depressing; I'd rather go back to where I started 29 years ago and write about the area, the cultures, the people, the art that I love and know.

My plan is fairly ambitious: to write about the main cultures where I have lived or spent a considerable amount of time. So, there is a lot of writing to do. Second, it's time to start downsizing at home. The kids are gone with the exception of my onsite granddaughter, Zoey, so there is a lot of stuff that we have here that can be cleaned out, thrown out, given away or sold.

With the downsizing in mind, the most obvious place to start is with my collection of Asmat, Kamoro, Dani and Amungme art and artifacts. I have a lot to get rid of. My wife is going to sell some of the art work out of her small shop in front of the house along the seawall. This is her business; I'm just lending a hand with photographing and writing about the collection. Right now everything is only for sale to folks who are in Bali or Indonesia; we may later get to where we can send things overseas. Hopefully, that will come soon. We're selling the collection piece by piece, but are open to selling the entire collection to a dealer for a discounted price. Remember, these are old carvings dating back at least 30 years. So there are some good buys here for people who would like a carving or artifact from some of the most fascinating cultures on the planet. If you're in Bali and want to find the place, click on the About Us link at the top of each page to see where we are. We're up north in lovely Singaraja.

As I said, this is a pretty ambitious project so it will take time, but I want to get what I have already done online now. So, there are sections that are finished and you can take a look there. There are sections that will be completed over the next few months and there is a note in each section that gives a preview of what is next to come.

So take a look around, contact us if you are interested in learning more or want to purchase one of the items that we have for sale. Thanks for stopping by.


August 11, 2018

The six major sections have all been completed. Coming up more articles on specifics interests of mine in each section.


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